Monday, April 24, 2023

Not Stopping for Rain


"Here we have Brigitte O'Reilly reporting live from Mini Hoofbeats Riding Stables in Cache County, Utah!"

Brigitte: "Yes, I am here to tell you that no one in little ole Cache County stops for rain...or any weather, that is! Even here at Mini Hoofbeats Riding Stables, everything just keeps going as if it were sunny."

Brigitte: "The rain is coming down pretty heavy at the moment. According to the weather report, it looks like it will let up later this afternoon and possibly snow tonight."

"What?! Snow in April?!"

Brigitte: "Yes, snow in April has been the norm for Cache Valley this year. Locals say that there hasn't been this much snow in fifty-six years! In fact, on the other side of the Wasatch Mountains in Garden City and Bear Lake, it is still practically winter there! As far as this side of the mountains, the snow has thawed so greatly that aside from mud, flooded basements is the next annual challenge everyone faces."

"Oh, wow! I could only imagine what that would be like. And if I remember correctly, you ride here often?"

Brigitte: "That is correct! I've been coming here since I was a little girl and I can never remember when there was a dull moment."

"What about right now?"

Brigitte: "Uh...more like an annoying one! You gotta stay on your toes and try your hardest to be five steps ahead...many of these guys are full of mischief! And Speck's Peanut here is the king of that!"

Jordan: "Oh, Brigitte! I am so sorry! I hope he didn't mess up anything."

Brigitte: "No, he didn't. This stuff happens all the time when reporting next to animals, so I knew what I was getting into when I saw you walk by with him."

*At the same time*

Jordan: "Speck's Peanut!!! No!!!!"

Brigitte: "Oh, no, you don't! I KNEW you were going for that!!!"

Sunday, January 1, 2023

Advent Model Horse Photo Challenge: Day 31


First of all, happy New Year everyone!
Second of all, the reason why I didn't make a post yesterday was because I was finishing up all (or at least, most) of my remaining 2022 projects. The FB group, Monthly Model Horse Painting Challenge's November/December Theme was "Finishing Up Projects" - so, I did just that! However, I had been in an art slum for the majority of November and didn't regain any urge to create art until the middle of December. Thankfully, I was able to finish up a bunch of projects that were much needed to be off my plate....aand am still finishing up loose ends. Oh, well, I'm just calling those New Year Projects. I'll hopefully remember to make a post about that later.

Anyways, here's the last installment for the Advent Model Horse Photo Challenge!

Day 31 - Mold You Conga:
13 Complete Families in the TR/CL/PP Section of the Herd.
L-R: Dustin, Amanda, & Lou; Cloud, Feldspar, Mato Ska, & Encore; Heartland High Tech, Sgt. Reckless, & Starfly; Wild Spirit, Raindrop, & Lightning Bolt; Mango, White Cherry, Strawberry, & Rosie Sunshine (adopted); Esteban, Fantasia, & Amazing Grace; Seabiscuit, Cupid, & Arrow; Wintersong, Groovy Girl, & Shadow; Fleck, Speck, Speck's Peanut, & Chip; Orient Wonder, Hwin, & Kyla (adopted); Wapiti, Ponderosa, & Little Bear; CuChulainn, Ellenora, & Ellie; and Silver, Wild, Mary Jane, & Swirl (Wild's brother).

Thank you all for bearing with me through this photo challenge. I look forward to adding to this blog!

Friday, December 30, 2022

Advent Model Horse Photo Challenge: Day 30


Day 30 - Northlight
Baskoro - Palomino Sandalwood Pony Stallion - OF Lefton Napcoware Porcelain - Personal Herd Member

I don't have any Northlights, which are a type of resin if I recall correctly. So, let's exchange that out with another Clinky!
Meet Baskoro!
(Which means Golden Sun in Indonesian).
He was gifted to me a few years ago by a friend from my sewing group. He had a chipped ear and was missing his right hind leg from below the hock down. I only just recently repaired him. Can't wait to show a picture of him to my friend!

Stay tuned for the final installment for this photo challenge series!
(hard to believe that it's almost 2023 already?!)

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Advent Model Horse Photo Challenge: Day 29


Day 29 - Buckskin
Jasmine - Buckskin Mustang Filly - OF Breyer - Personal Herd Member

I literally only have two solid colored Buckskins - and that's not including Lakota, who also has Non-Dun Type 1 (nd1)! I had already posted Croi Damhse, so it seemed ideal to have Jasmine for this installment.
Jasmine is from a 5 foal gift set from 2000-01, which I had received for Christmas from my aunt (who grew up collecting Breyers!) in 2002. I recently touched up her visible wear spots, so that I could photo show her.
Why just Mustang? Still haven't figured out exactly which herd her father belongs to.

Stay tuned for the next installment!

Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Advent Model Horse Photo Challenge: Day 28


Day 28 - Mare & Foal:
Ellenora - 3/4 QH x 1/4 Arabian Mare - OF Breyer - Personal Herd Member

Ellie - 1/2 TB, 1/3 QH, x 1/8 Arabian Filly - CM Breyer by Me! - Personal Herd Member

Ellie is finally finished!!!!
Ellenora and her mate, CuChulainn, have been waiting for a foal for a very long time!
I am so happy to have a newly completed family in my collection of families!!!

Stay Tuned for the next installment!

Tuesday, December 27, 2022

Advent Model Horse Photo Challenge: Days 26-27

Day 26 - Pinto:
Oakheart - Bay Frame/Sabino Paint Stallion - Breyer Repaint CM by Me - Sales Piece

Literally just finished - on the 26th, actually. He was going to be my 2021 Breyerfest Best Customs Contest entry for the Finishwork section, but didn't get him done in time...let alone finding out that it is one entry per ticket (I only had one).

Biggest accomplishment with him is finally figuring out how to paint the lacey edges!!

Day 27 - Vintage:
Altivo - Grey Andalusian Stallion - 1980's Marx/Johnny West Thunderbolt CM by Unknown Artist - Personal Herd Member

Altivo was gifted me by a friend (with an original Goffert, who I renamed Jannik). 

He is the very first resculpt by someone else I have ever handled. So, every time I pick him up, I am blown away at the smooth transition in the resculpted areas (the lifted foreleg). Unfortunately, he doesn't have a proper signature - only something that looks like it could be, but is rather un-readable. It took some time figuring out what was his original mold, though the shape of his mouth was a key indicator, the lifted foreleg threw me in for a loop.

He is also named after the horse on Dreamwork's The Road to El Dorado. So, now, whenever I go to write/type his name, I've got all the scenes where his name is spoken by one of the key characters running through my head (the most frequent one is when Miguel is trying to bribe Altivo with an apple to get a crowbar).

Stay tuned for the next installment!

Sunday, December 25, 2022

Advent Model Horse Photo Challenge: Day 25


Day 25 - Holiday Scene:
Speck's Peanut - Chestnut-base Grey Blanket 3/4 Appaloosa x 1/4 Arabian Stallion - CM Breyer Zippo Pine Bar by Me! - Personal Herd Member

Hope your Christmas isn't as crazy as Speck's Peanut whipping the newly found Elf on the Shelf in the arena!