Thursday, August 26, 2021

Weird Blessings

 Breyerfest Day 1 & 2 - July 16-17, 2021

You might think that the post title might seem kind of odd, but there's quite a bit behind it. I had been avoiding saying anything specific on the blog in relation to my health issues....mostly because I want to keep it model horse related, but I do a very poor job of that! Truth is, at the end of June, I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and no, it's not fun. What's worse, is that it revealed itself during the summer - Not Winter - Summer. Summer, the time of being outside, hiking, kayaking, camping, going to Bear Lake - not being stuck on the couch with abdominal pain, wasting away because your gut is too sick to absorb the nutrients it needs to thrive.
Why is it a blessing?
Well, for one, we are finding out that my body was likely going down the inflammation path longer than we realized (and likewise when I was a kid). So, through homeopathy, Chinese medicine, chiropractic's, and eating right, I am finally on the path for thorough healing.
Secondly, as far as Breyerfest goes, I was already stuck on the couch, so finding time to sit down and watch a few videos or poke around through shops, didn't seem like a problem. I was also more laid back this year (other than not feeling good and having little energy). Granted, I was a little more functional and could eat a little better that week than the previous weeks, so I was still able to enjoy Breyerfest.

I don't remember who they were other than a band of bachelor stallions of the Pryor Mountain Mustang herds in Montana. I've been following the Pryor Journal since I discovered The Cloud Foundation website....which might have been either in High School or my early 20's. I knew I HAD to watch the Breyerfest Special Video because of how much I love Cloud Mustang!

Later in the evening of the first day, I was able to watch the slide show about Donkey Color Genetics. It was very interesting - especially since Agouti causes all the grey muzzled/undersided donkeys!

Look at those crazy donkey spots! So much different from horses!

We kind of forgot that it was Pioneer Day on Saturday (it's a Utah holiday). So, naturally, there was a parade in front of our house.

I think I missed the horses (if there were any - sometimes there are, and sometimes there isn't), but I was able to catch the flag guard...

And the USU Football Semi.
All these photos were taken out the front window.

Nap time

Animals can be so weird - Lightning is sleeping in the basket without anything comfy to sleep on!

I've always wanted to see Cavalia! Someday, I'll see it in-person, but it has been a real treat to watch the Breyerfest Special videos two years in a row now (yeah, I know there's YouTube, but I keep forgetting and it's always better in-person).

I still haven't shown these pictures to my sister (who's a total dog person!) But I took these special for her.

That girl is the youngest member at age 11. She also has a natural knack for animal training.

Please excuse the divided pictures of I think Apollo Del Solis (I don't remember). The photo was too large to capture his cool bridle.

That's all for now.
Let's see which out-of-order update comes next!

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

A Bit of a Different Scenery and Sun Angle

June 19, 2021 - Breyerfest Prep

Back in June, I did a photoshoot at my grandparent's house. I needed to take some new photos for the Breyerfest Photo Show, but was unable to do it at home since my contractor brothers were helping our parents replace the waterline to the house (it sprung a leak - big time. Good thing there was no flooding in the basement). However, due to my health condition at the time, it was wiser for me to stay at my grandparents' house during the project.

In spite of feeling like crud and having zippo energy, I still managed to get some photos done - especially of my new Etchie, Dungaree (Above)!

I had repainted her eyes after I got her several years ago, because they looked kind of scary. However, showing her as an OF was out of the question now that she had nice custom eyes. I decided this year to try my hand a etching again - and had better success this time round.

Much, much better! She even has some Roaned Patches! (I LOVE adding Roaning to my Customs!)

Obviously, I don't feel like cropping any photos at the moment.

The lighting angle was really interesting. It's amazing to think of just a mile North, the angle of the sun is at my back, rather than overhead as you can see in these photos.

I now have a hole in my grass mat from Ballynoe's base. I still want to get a beach photo of him with better lighting.

Other than the lighting angle issue, Lionheart behaved - FINALLY!!! 
No muddy or hidden hooves this time!!

Yeah....Still working on getting the best photo of Paint Me A Pepto....

However, I did finally figure out how to get a decent halter photo pose of Wapiti. YAY!

I wasn't really impressed with the results of this photoshoot, but it's always good to try new locations to find what works and what doesn't. This one absolutely does not. It probably would have worked better if the sun was at the right angle. That is, if it was, it'll be behind the house as this is in the front yard. Oh, well.

Stay tuned for more sporadic out of order updates.

Friday, August 6, 2021

Hard Competition

 Breyerfest Open Photo Show, Friday, July 16, 2021

Yes, competition can get extremely hard when there's hundreds and thousands of people entering when presented as a photo show. No matter how many models you enter, there's someone else with tons of models who also has a chance in winning something as well. So, the possibilities of winning a lot of placings is rather quite slim, unless you entered all classes with a small number of entries (which isn't a bad tactic).

I still did have some placings regardless. One thing for sure, is that I was more relaxed about getting photos together. I remember last year scrambling trying to re-take pictures accordingly to Breyerfest's standards. But once I saw the other entries from people who primarily photo show - I was like, "Oh, I could have just used my regular photos." So, that's what I did this year and it was much better.

Anyways, here they are:


Manager's Fun Class: Horse of a Different Color!
5th place

(I thought her placing was actually quite funny - because the color for 5th place is pink and she is literally hot pink!)

Collectibility OF TR/CL: Animals: Unicorns
9th place

Foal: OF Pony: TR RR
10th place

(I was surprised that he did place. New photo. And usually entered in a sea of Stormys).

Foal: Mini OF: Gaited
Honorable Mention

(I could totally see her getting Honorable Mention. She photographs remarkably well, so then she places well, too. She was the only Mini Whinnie foal who received something).

Mini OF: Collectibility: Fantasy
9th place

Update: The Ribbons have Arrived! Aug. 9, 2021

The Fun Class Paper Flat Ribbon arrived a week or so after Breyerfest, but it's only fair to have Pinkalicious included in the lineup (and to show her intense pinkness with her awesome homemade pink ribbon!). Either way, here they all are. I guess there's no physical award for Honorable Mentions (Ramona), but that's OK. I'm still surprised that Stormy placed at all due to the popularity of the Misty and Stormy models. Good job little buddy!

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Didn't Miss It, Lost It, Got Something Else

 Pre-Breyerfest: Thursday, July 15, 2021

Believe it or not (and Jennifer, I'm sorry if this makes you feel old), I have been following Jennifer Buxton's Braymere Custom Saddlery Blog since I was 17....which comes out to be about 12 years this year (OK, now I feel old - I'll be 29 in October!!)

You might be wondering, "How did you find her blog?"

Well, I think it was on Identify Your Breyer's website.

It's not there anymore, as it has been long updated since then, but there was a page of resources on customizing, tack making, collecting, history (I think I found Breyer History Diva blog here, too. Either that or from Braymere), pedigrees, and other hobby sources.

OK, now how did I find Identify Your Breyer?

I vaguely remember finding it in the Questions & Answers page on the Official Breyer Horse Website.

Mind you, I did not have Facebook to tell me all the hobby updates....not until I finally jumped in early last year.

Where did I get my updates? Primarily, the Braymere blog. And then all the other blogs I had found through that one (including Horsie Mama, The Equine Tapestry, Field of Dolls, and Desktop Stables).

OK, done with reminiscing. Long story short, I have ALWAYS wanted a piece of tack from Jennifer Buxton ever since I first started following her blog. And I KNOW I'm not the only one who has that dream! So, when I found out that she was going to do an Etsy shop - I thought that this is my chance to get a piece! Uh...yea...who knew everything would go like hot cakes! Aand....everything was usually posted while I was still up on campus (this was while I was still going to Utah State University a few years ago) over lunchtime. Well, I had missed several of her sales until this year's Breyerfest sale.

Guess what? I Didn't Miss It!

Etsy was being finicky and it made it look like I missed it, until I started clickn' on stuff. I had to really act fast to decide on a piece and had settled for a Western Show Halter. Got it into my cart and went to checkout. Then something weird happened. It wouldn't let me use my shipping address like something was wrong with it when there obviously wasn't. I even tried using my grandparents' address and it STILL wouldn't do it. Well, come to find out, someone bought it within the amount of time I was wrestling with Etsy and the internet. And our internet is horrible because we live in an old house with weird reception and wiring. Weird thing is that I was in the same room as the modem and I STILL had problems! This is a normal occurrence in our house.

As far as the issue with the tack goes, I kind of already figured I would have to as her to make me a basic, all-purpose tack set in the end. However, I still have not fully decided whether I want an English Set or a Western Set yet, since post-Breyerfest has been revolving around my health and changing my diet (very, very expensive, ugh!)

So, after that fiasco, I ended up browsing through Etsy and bought an assortment of doll food and props for my model horses. It made me feel much better that I still got something that I had been wanting to get, but hadn't done so.

Friday, July 16, 2021

My Breyerfest Sale Is Here!!!


Well, sort of.

My health issues amplified in the middle of June and therefore caused me to simplify what I can produce....which....included all the new customs-to-be designated for both the sale and the photo show.

I did try to get out of Breyerfest Marketplace, but was unable to because it was so close to the event. I literally thought that Breyer had some sort of special platform to upload all of our wares to....only to find out that really it's my studio's name in the program and have a link that goes directly to my Facebook Studio page. Yeah, my brain complicates things a lot of times.

As far as inventory goes, surprisingly, I actually have quite a bit.

I have:

Upcycled Cardboard Boxes for props and play,

Some small Watercolor paintings,


Model Horse Traveling Satchels,


More Upcycled Cardboard/Popsicle Sticks boxes for props or play,

This one would be available through the Breyerfest Marketplace/Studio Page (I was hoping to have more of these type of pieces available, but of course, life happens and you have to adjust your outcome),

Mini Mailers - two types: Open (like the photo above - with a goodie inside) and Closed ("filled" with foam to appear to have something inside, but is un-openable),

Yes, those are tails, and since I sculpt my own tails, I don't really have a use for them, but some customizers literally buy lots like this for their own creations,

Some of my older customs,

Fun drawer knobs available only through my sales album on the FB group, Breyerfest Vendors,

And some Pole Bending poles.

One thing
Remember those three boxes?
Everything is labeled as One Of A Kind (OOAK)
Some items are in-fact OOAK, but some are OOAK only to each box. The reason for this is because I didn't have enough supplies to make multiples of each item.  So if you visit each album, you'll see some "duplicates", but you'll know why.

Here are link to the sale items:

UPDATE: Everything has been moved to my Studio Page Albums - Please Check them out!