Wednesday, April 7, 2021

Celtic Warrior's Family and the Demand for Live Shows


Of course, we gotta do the family photo! Louis (Chestnut Sabino) and Siobhan (Grey) are one of my oldest couples in my herd. Neither one of them know where their son's warrior-type behavior comes from, since they both are gentle and patient. Ocean Mist is Celtic Warrior's full sister who is still looking for a new home.

When it comes to showing, anyone can tell by now that his pose isn't the greatest for photo showing. As it is, this point of view is the best I can get!
(If you haven't seen the 360 series of photos - or need to a refreshment - you can see them here).

However, he does work well for scenes. Unfortunately, I don't do any performance type showing with anything smaller than Classic scale (there are just some things that go beyond my tedious interest level!), so I hadn't tested him with tack.

So, when it came to advertising him - I really had to emphasize (not like that's really hard!) that he is Live Show Quality (LSQ) and would do better in a live show setting. He was quite popular - more than the others who are not only older, but are strictly Photo Show Quality (PSQ) and don't sell easily since it seems that everybody wants a LSQ horse regardless if they show or not or live show or photo show. Several potential buyers inquired about him, but usually passed due to his price ($200 - completely reasonable considering the amount of time, supplies, and the brains to create him. Not to mention that the only plastic that actually shows on him is his eyes!). So when he found his future owner who really wanted him, I was excited that he was going to someone who would love him

....Even if he can be a stinker at times! 

Monday, April 5, 2021

Another New Fence And A New Horse


Well, the TR/CL scale log fence wasn't working out too great. So, I decided to actually attempt building a panel fence. So far, so good, that is, until I realized that I didn't have enough of the wood I needed for the panels and one of the packs I bought is the wrong size. Oh, well, I was able to get this far.

It wasn't super blustery the two days I had the photo shoot last week - not like the earlier that week and today! Of course, the chickens were out taking dust baths the entire time I was photographing my models.

Gertrude didn't really want her picture taken with Snowman.

Madam Mim wanted to see what I was doing, too. She is the next dominant hen after Gertrude and Martha. She is also known to hen-peck.




Carlotta Emma





I was primarily working on entries for the Field of Dolls Spring Show entries, but I did get some halter photos, too (which includes re-taking better photos of key individuals!). Here's what Snowman, Abigail, and Whisper look like before.....

They get photobombed by Lightning Bolt!

Goofy boy is so curious about everything!

Abigail is rather unsure of what to do with him.

I haven't really shown Lightning Bolt because he's super yellowed. However, I have found that when photographed in bright sunlight, the yellowed white areas don't look as yellowed in person. We'll see how he does.

Persius is one of my newest editions to the herd. I got him in a full trade from Staciea Compton for Celtic Warrior. He is the Just About Horses (JAH) 2007 Special Edition Mirror Image.

He was one of those models who grew on me the longer I looked at him.

And he is really cool!

I mean, the color shifting paint is beyond amazing! In this lighting, he looks more blue. But in other types of lighting, he has a purple cast.

Of course, he needed an actual breed other than the common, boring "Decorator" label. That's when I created the Wavechaser. Wavechasers are horses that live in the oceans and seas. They typically stay on the surface, much like how Sea Otters live. They are known to chase the waves like Dolphins - especially on the bows of ships. Their colors range from Caribeann Blues and Greens to Deep Blues and Purples. There are two types: the Equator and the Arctic. The Equator Wavechasers typically have minimal to no white marking, while the Arctic Wavechasers can have a vast abundant of white patterns; since they need the ability to blend into their surroundings. These markings and patterns are the same as Land Horses. Unlike their Hippocampi cousins, the Wavechasers are completely in the form of a horse - without a fish tail. They typically have the stature of Light Breeds and Sporthorses. They do come onto land to have their young and to graze from their favorite beach dwelling vegetation. Merpeople and Humans have been able to tame Wavechasers for hundred of years. However, due to their spirited nature, plenty of patience and perseverance is required.

And we must end with the cat going nose-to-nose with Persius!

I Demand More White!


It's always a relief when you get to the painting stage, because it means that you're almost done (for me, that is).

And just like any other red-based model horses - the first stage is the Cheeto Stage!

Once the base coat(s) was dry, pastels could be applied. I was planning on painting him to be a dark Seal Brown with little white in the Sabino1 Pattern.

Layer upon layer...Oh! The great differences between the sealed pastel and the next un-sealed coat!

And now the white. In true fashion, white ALWAYS needs multiple coats!

Much better! Except one thing!
With every time I re-applied more white - he demanded more!
Granted, he does look better than the first coat.
But, true to his nature, he was going to fight his way 'till he was completely finished!

Thankfully, he didn't fight when doing his hooves (the cleaning up the edges is normal with every model).

Once he was finished, I made him his own personal Satchel and ID Tag, along with a personal info/show placings page.

Stay tuned for the last installment on Celtic Warrior!

Picrew.Me Create Your Own Cartoon Horse App

Early last month, someone (I think Lesli Kathman of The Equine Tapestry) shared a link to a Japanese made create your own cartoon horse app. Naturally, everyone in that FB group commented with their own creation from the app. Yes, I got hooked on it, too!

I didn't just create our pony, Brody (top), but also many others - like this one for my sister.

One of my favorites!

This is one I made with my Dad.

Had to make Pegasus from Disney's Hercules (NOW LET'S NOT GET ANY SONGS STUCK IN MY HEAD!!!)

I found that working it on my phone was easier since One: I can't read Japanese, and Two: I don't know how to take screenshots on my computer to save the images. I ended up cropping them later (apparently, I forgot to do these ones).

It's actually super simple to navigate. First you need to choose a body type.

And choose a color for the body.

I went with the light tan here, now onto the head.

Apparently, I forgot to take a screenshot of the head types. Oh well, here's the different muzzles you can choose from.

This has nothing to do with color - more of an adjustment to fit the head size.

Now the eye. There are some that you can change the color of the Iris, but not all of the options can do that. He's starting to remind me of Winnie the Pooh.

Cartoon horses always need eyebrows!

Now the left ear...

and it's color match. Then do the same with the other ear.

The forelock, mane, and tail is next. There are two tan colored options - the bottom one is just solid tan, while the one on the top is the typical, two-tone for Fjord Ponies. NOTE: The pink option is not solid pink - it's black/brown at the base and then gradients down to a pinkish/reddish color.

Yes, you can have the option of a lion's tail or a dragon's tail.

Facial markings.

Yes, your cartoon horse can have whiskers!

There is also body markings/fantasy designs you can choose from.

Oh, yeah, your cartoony horse can be fuzzy, too!!!

Now, leg markings.

And you gotta make sure you check every single leg.

There is also an option to have feather on his legs.

And now embellishments! First headgear,

Then your cartoony horse can have traditional tack or you can spice it up with a shirt or a hoodie!

There are also other neck/head embellishments that there are two buttons, so that you can have up to two of those options.

Then there's tail embellishments. You would need to choose wisely, since some of the tack/wings can easily hide the base of the tail area.

Oh, yeah, and your cartoony horse can wear sneakers, too!

Then there are the "riders" - meaning cats, dogs, frogs, books, pies, etc. Just no people riders.

Now you can choose thought blurps.

And a background! Which can be solid colored or scenery!

There are also embellishments to the background.

When everything is done, click the green button check mark button, This is the loading image when completing your cartoon horse.

All done!

Thought I'd put this in here, too. This is the loading image when entering the "workspace" to make you cartoon horse.
Really Cute!!!

Now go make one!